08 Oct 2020 00:19:46
Trying to get more involved in this site as opposed to just the Liverpool Rumours page! Reading a couple at the minute, first is Empire of the Summer Moon, highly recommend and the second is one I have been meaning to read for years, The Art of War. Not really a page turner, but definitely has some values that can be carried into everyday life and work.
Keen for some recommendations, not really a fiction fan.

{Ed001's Note - The Art of War I have read numerous times, really worthy of study. What types of non-fiction do you like? Biographies? History?}

1.) 09 Oct 2020
09 Oct 2020 00:22:21
I like history as well as the sort of biographical adventure books, I read Ranulph Fiennes "Scott" recently, that was a good read.

{Ed001's Note - have you read any other of Fiennes' books? One of his first books made him the target of an assassination attempt as it revealed too much about what Britain had done in the Gulf. Has to be worth a read if it is worth trying to kill someone over!}

2.) 09 Oct 2020
09 Oct 2020 08:16:28
Will give it a go, I've read another of his, "Cold", was really good. I actually met him when I was back in the UK, he was doing a talk in a local town. Great speaker and really nice guy, signed the book as well!

{Ed001's Note - he is great, mad as a March hare though, but utterly brilliant.}